Learn First Aid

(HSE Registered 128/00, PTTLLS Instructor)

What we do

What if your work is outdoors? There are so many more elements, scenarios and events to take into account!

This course is designed to cater for the First Aider who operates in the countryside and/or outward bound training events, such as cycle groups, hill walking groups and camping groups. Indeed anyone that operates in the outdoors away from towns, cities or villages.

It teaches how to look after the casualties needs whilst waiting for help to arrive, which would take longer than normal. How to manage the group and advice the leader on preventing further casualties, caused by the elements and environment. The course covers what equipment is normally required by a First Aider and also what extra equipment would be needed by an outdoors First Aider and how to use them. It leads into route management and how to give useful and useable positions to Emergency Services and the detail they require. An Ambulance may not always be able to get to where you are, the course teaches what you can do about that and even covers helicopter signal drills and how to lay out a landing site, thus arming you with the ability to deal with a helicopter if one is sent.

This course is a must for anyone who may conduct First Aid in an Outdoors Environment.

The course is one and half days and you will receive a HSE registered certificate plus a certificate showing what extra skills you have in your role as an outward bound First Aider.