We have a 75 acre forest 15 minutes outside the City of Durham, where we run a variety of team building activities for all ages from Reception, Primary, Secondary, and College to Corporate.

The forest is in a beautiful and safe area of countryside, yet, is only 15 minutes from Durham East Coast Main line and the A1.

Take a look at the activities we run below and choose which ones you want to conduct and we will put a safe, exciting and inclusive programme together for you.

With 40 organisations and schools and over 2000 people having passed through the training, why not come and see for yourself! 




Bridge building


Shelter Making


Giant Skittles


Rope slide construction and use


Camouflage and concealment exercise


Operation search for lunch


This is building bridges over a river involving teamwork and leadership. It promotes the thinking about design and quality control.

Making shelters out of naturally found items in the forest. Customers require to work as a team to build their forest home.

This game involves using a rope swing to knock over barrels and requires teamwork and communication between individuals

This activity requires teams to compete against each other using design and construction skills as well as leadership and communication

Teams don camouflage clothing and take it in turns to hide in the forest and find each other. It is a very popular activity.

This activity requires people to search in a matrix over a forested area for their food supplies. It requires co ordination and communication.


Crossing the swamp


Forest walk with explanation of wild food

Wild food foraging


Stretcher making and evacuation exercise

Navigation exercise




Fire making from scratch



Wild food cooking

Personnel must cross an expanse of land without touching the ground using the equipment provided. Leadership, communication and teamwork are required.

This is a tour conducted by TASFL staff.

TASFL staff will lead the group on a route and personnel can collect food and learn about it as the walk progresses.

The group must work together to build a stretcher against the clock and then transport one of their members on the stretcher round a course.

Map and compass exercise through forest.

The teaching of animal tracking enables students to watch and gain a greater understanding of wildlife in their natural environment. (At no time are animals disturbed or harmed in anyway)

This exercise is an interactive lesson where students learn how to make a fire from natural materials and light it without using a match!

Interactive lesson in how to find and cook wild food. On completion all the cooked wild food can be tried.


Chariot making and racing


Crossing the wall


Camp cooking

Setting up of camp


Rope bridge making and crossing

Obstacle course

Chariots are made by teams competing against each other. They are then raced round a course with two members of the team carried on the chariot.

Personnel must cross a wall in the forest without touching it. They must only use items they find naturally in the forest. Although we do allow them to use rope!

An interactive lesson in how to cook outdoors.

An interactive lesson in how to set up and run a successful and well managed campsite.

This activity involves leadership and teambuilding. The team must work together to design, build and then use a rope bridge to cross an expanse of area.

This can be conducted as a team or as individuals to achieve the best time.

Full comprehensive risk assessment and safety plan held

All activities are fully inclusive and cater for all abilities and needs

Lunch can be provided on request – Food hygiene certification held by our chefs